House rules + Privacy policy

Who are we?

The YMCA Interpoint Hostel Copenhagen is a voluntair activity run by
Vesterbros KFUM og KFUK (YMCA and YWCA of Vesterbro, Copenhagen)
Valdemarsgade 15
DK-1665 København V
CVR: 32955614

phone: +45 3331 1574 - the phone is only manned 08 July - 02 September 2017 in the office opening hours.

What we provide?

We provide lodging in a basic hostel. A sheet is included in the per night price. Other beddings can be rented (see our prices on the front page), but you are also welcome to bring your own to save a buck.

Payments accepted

We accept good old cash and major credit cards (MasterCard,Visa, JCB and Maestro).

Cancellation policy

Please come or let us know if your plans change. We hate to reject other guests that could have had a vacant bed.
If you do not arrive for the first night of your booking, your entire booking will be considered to be cancelled. Remember we close for the night at 00:30.

House rules

1. There is a curfew at night and the main door will be locked between 00.30 and 07.00.
2. The hostel is being cleaned 11:30-15:30 you will have to stay out in this periode.
3. Checkout is before 10.00 in the morning.
4. In the daytime your luggage can be kept in a separate, locked room, or you can put it on your bed before you leave the room. We will supervise your luggage, but we do not take any responsibility.
5. If you have rented a sheet or blanket please bring it back.
6. Women are not allowed in the men only room and men are not allowed in the women only room.
7. Smoking is strictly forbidden at all indoor premissis.
8. Alcohol and drugs must not be brought into the house.

Violating the house rules may cause exclusion from the YMCA Interpoint Hostel.

Privacy policy

In short: we do not sell your information for irritating marketing purposes.

We always cooporate with Danish police authorities in their investigation of criminal activity, all necessary data are provided to the police on their specific request.

We seek to protect your personal data from any form of unauthorized sharing, copying and taking by unauthorized personnel, processing in disregard to clauses, and changing, loss, defecting or destroying of data.